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  • Undertale Twitter Bot

    Tweets random lines from Undertale, the original game by Toby Fox. Made using AWS Lambda, Python, and Sparrow. Tweets every 8 hours!

  • Pokedex

    Simple pokedex of the original 151 Pokemon. Made using various AWS services (EC2, RDS, CloudFront, etc.) and hosted in my own virtual private cloud.

  • Kirby 8-Bit Game

    Created an 8-bit style Kirby replica game for Android development class. Made with Android Studio and Java.

  • Educational Video Game Development

    Funded 3D educational video game development to spread awareness about the benefits of algae for a sustainable city. Work includes game design, art, voice lines, and coding. Created in Unity.

  • 2D Endless Platformer

    Personal project. Game art, code, and animations are all original work. Made using Unity and art done using a Wacom Intuos tablet.

  • Sumo Bot

    Created an autonomous robot using Code Composer Studio and an MSP430 Microcontroller for Embedded Systems class.

  • Slot Machine

    Created a slot machine using an Altera DE0 Board, Quartus II, and Verilog HDL.